A Telecom Solutions Provider wants to enable Municipalities, Fire Marshals and Public Safety Officials with a comprehensive map-based view of signal-strength across all commercial buildings in their regions, both for public-safety compliance and improved emergency-response. Testing devices installed in commercial buildings collect data from signal-strength tests run on the premises on a regular basis but there is no framework to report the results of these tests and how the building fares in telecom strength compared to the others in the neighborhood.


Dashboard hosts a comprehensive map of the region displaying a color coding for all commercial buildings within the region. The map comes with zoom-in/zoom-out, birds-eye, aerial and hybrid viewing and address search capabilities. The color coding for the buildings is based on the overall score of the test results for the building. Drilling down into the individual buildings displays details of the tests by floors and/or grid levels.

Data collected from the various tests from all commercial buildings is hosted in a cloud-based framework and a visual reporting tool works to translate the test results into a map-view and quick drill down to building-summary on the tests.


Comprehensive map-view of signal-strength performance and tests statistics of all commercial buildings in the telecom-network.

Dashboard to monitor building/floor/grid level testing cycles and statuses to keep up with Public Safety Compliance standards.

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