With the enterprise’s energy assets mostly monitored on a maintenance schedule, performance of the equipment in terms of its energy efficiency is not actively tracked or analyzed for insights to avoid failures and decrease cost of maintenance.
What organizations need? – Real-time access to vital signs of all energy-assets and actionable insights to track performance degradation and trigger preventive maintenance. CXOs also need to track assets actively to meet environmental compliance and sustainability goals.


Each asset has an efficiency rating for ideal performance as prescribed by the asset’s OEM. The OEM also publishes possible root causes when an asset is running at less than ideal efficiency as indicated by different operational parameters. For a Fortune 500 manufacturing company, we built an Asset Monitoring system that reads data from the energy meters and IOT sensors for Boilers in one plant. The analytics engine tracks and monitors the asset’s efficiency curve to create alerts on any deviation from ideal. A recommendation engine studies variance in operational parameters and analyzes root cause to determine possible actions.
A mobile app provides real-time access to metrics such as total energy consumption and the associated carbon emission, water consumption and waste generation for compliance and sustainability reporting.


Fuel costs and maintenance costs have decreased by more than 15% during post-pilot implementation measurement. The system is now being scaled across multiple assets across all plants
The compliance dashboard is being used by the CXOs to proactively report and reduce carbon footprint of their organization.

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