A Fortune 500 Transportation Solutions Provider providing logistics solutions to Retailers for a trial period, is facing the need to measure and articulate the ROI that can be achieved from adopting the solution past the trial period. Trucks equipped with IoT sensors capture truck utilization and loading efficiency data. However, there is no scalable framework to understand what of those metrics can be used to generate actionable insights to improve truck utilization and load-time efficiency. What further stands in the way of Retailers adopting these sensors permanently is the lack of a tool that could translate the improved efficiencies into ROI $ for the Retailer. Without such a tool, the risk of converting pilots to real engagements remains high when the trial period/pilot phase ends.


To overcome lack of clarity on what metrics to use, sensor data is leveraged from active pilots to arrive at actionable alerts. An alert system sends real-time nudges based on deviations from best practices across these metrics. A formal customer baseline metrics is established as “the Before” to compare against “the After” of pilot installation, necessary for ROI calculations. Final step is to standardize the metrics measurement framework from the improved truck utilization and load efficiencies in order to articulate customer ROI.


Logistics solution sensors now enabled with ROI analytics.Increased large scale adoption of sensors by Retailers when pilot phase ends.


Retail, Logistics

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