A leading online payments provider was anticipating a growth phase and wanted to assess the product’s market readiness in terms of technology architecture, data thinking and user experience. The product was handling millions of users on a daily basis and needed due diligence on existing processes, as well as a roadmap for future investments in the areas under consideration.


As a first step, Capability Maturity Models were defined and drawn up for all the three areas – UX, Architecture and Data Science. In UX, several parameters were identified, ranging from business objectives and user flows, to engagement metrics. The CMM Model ranged from Non-Existent to Measured and Managed. Under Architecture, an exhaustive set of parameters were studied under broad heads like Design, Information security, Scalability and Maintenance. For Data Science, the parameters were grouped under Data, Tools & Software, Analytics and Reporting Processes. The report used the respective CMM Model to score the product against each parameter, followed by summary and recommendations for each area.


A snapshot of their readiness and a blueprint for growth. The report provided a comprehensive view and snapshot of the areas of interest for the client. In particular, it helped the client to refocus and accelerate development on certain technical features of the platform that were previously deferred to the next cycle. Interestingly, this helped in fine tuning their approach to the market as the product offerings were becoming diverse.

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