A parking systems solutions provider, needed a comprehensive SaaS suite consisting of several functional modules aimed at providing: reservations and holds, valet point-of-sale, self-service kiosks, book-keeping and analytics on revenue trends and occupancy projections.


The services were designed to be plug and play, with the ability to exchange data and integrate with other online reservation platform APIs. For strategic collaborations, like privately-owned parking garages, partnering hotels and hospitals and open-to-public parking systems, the suite allows customizing the UX to incorporate company branding effortlessly. An Event Parking Solution was developed as a standalone service, for stadiums and arenas, deployed on multiple handheld devices on game nights – to handle the high volume of cars that need to be ticketed-in and paid-off almost instantly using quickpay options.


Improved utilization of spaces-inventory especially in situations where there were collaborations with other parking garages.

Capability for changing rate cards based on demand using dynamic pricing.

License Plate Recognition (LPR), primarily implemented for fast, automatic ticketing, has yielded a wealth of data for additional insights.

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