Realtime intelligent 3D lab designing


A recognized global leader in designing, manufacturing and installation of laboratory, healthcare and technical furniture products is facing a design efficiency bottleneck in the conceptualization and design phase of laboratory infrastructure. Prior experience and data from past designs is not being fully leveraged when designing for new projects. Engineering team spends significant bandwidth on designs of smaller projects, taking focus away from bigger projects.


An automated lab design application was designed which renders design options in 2D and 3D, allowing real-time modifications. The Interactive UI helps the sales personnel capture customer requirements through a set of dynamic questions/options based on user input. An Intelligence Engine then mines historical design data and runs algorithms to evaluate best design options based on customer requirements and constraints. If any changes or new items are added on the floor, the intelligent engine nudges the sales personnel to ask relevant questions related to design and requirements to ensure there are no gaps.
The 3D floor plan versioning view helps the salesperson play out different lab designs and provide an BOM/estimation on the go against different scenarios. Users may also add more products to the lab from the product catalog or switch the product range with a click of a button.


The customer experience was enhanced dramatically through intelligent nudges and ability to rapidly iterate during the design phase. As a result, high level design timelines have reduced by several weeks with significant cost benefits. The sales team is able to arrive at initial lab designs and estimates, without any proficiency in operating a fully fledged engineering drawing tool or dependency on the engineering team.

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