A nationwide PBM with several ongoing initiatives for reducing medication waste of its Health Care Provider clients is finding it difficult to communicate the progress of these initiatives to the Providers enrolled in them and increase provider participation. With data residing in multiple disparate data sources and no visuals to articulate the cost, volume and waste trends of the medications supplied to the Providers, the success of these initiatives lies heavily in unifying relevant data to understand these trends and visualizing them for effectively promoting the initiative.


With a data-first mindset, essential to identifying and projecting trends, was to create a Data Mart to consolidate all data relevant to the initiatives from several data sources. The Datamart is to be automatically refreshed on a daily basis. Multiple self-service Dashboards were designed with key metrics and drill downs to track and react to cost/volume/waste trends. Customer segmentation was used to identify peer groups for comparison of metrics. The dashboards help monitor progress and guide savings projections when key inputs such as medication order cycle and wastage meet the “best in class” in the provider’s peer group. A simulation view helps play out outcomes against different scenarios.


The Clinical Management team can now use the Dashboards to monitor and communicate how the Providers are performing on the initiatives, know what to pursue to achieve their goal savings in cost and goal reduction in waste.

Self-Service Dashboards eliminate ad-hoc requests for Canned Reports, releasing the bandwidth of the Clinical Management team to focus on pushing the initiatives to a wider network of Providers.

UX elevated from Excel Reports to best-in-class business analytics Dashboards.

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