A global market leader in the Secure Network Access Control industry was looking to extend its market footprint on the rising need of remote network access control during pandemic times. With the recent situation making the “work from home” as the new normal, to facilitate remote access to organization infrastructure safely and securely was a rising need that was not to be turned down. To mobilise the Network access control suite of products, clients needed a more effective solution that would lead to the market in a short time and still deliver the value proposed. The existing monolithic design thought has its shortcomings that needed to be addressed within the window of opportunity. Performance trade off and high time to market was some of the shortcomings that needed addressing through a value based design thought.


We approached the problem by putting aside the conventional design thought. Microservices, though getting popular in recent years, was commonly used in a typical three tiered application architecture. Though not conventionally looked at that way, having to create and manage a suite of products in a ‘Network Access Control’ domain with its inherent complexities and the level of customisation involved, microservices oriented architecture stood out to be the right approach. Microservices architecture with key principles such as single purpose, loose coupling and high cohesion combined with scalable dev ops management platform Kubernetes, the desired outcome was a few sketches and a couple of sprints away.


High performance Network access control suite with better routing and fault tolerance

Product development was faster with less time to market with the architecture adaptive to growth in the market.

Serves as a core product design for both cloud as well as on-premise solutions.

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