A recognized global leader in designing, manufacturing and installation of laboratory, healthcare and technical furniture products faces inefficiencies in the conceptualization and design phase of laboratory infrastructure. Prior experience and data from past designs is not being fully leveraged when designing new projects and the engineering team spends significant bandwidth on multiple iterations to understand and meet client requirements.


An end-to-end automation of the design of the lab constructs a look-up datamart of past designs and runs algorithms to select best options from past designs based on customer needs and constraints.
The solution has two components – an Interactive Interface and an Intelligence Engine. The Interactive Interface prompts the client for initial lab requirements that will guide the design options. The Intelligence Engine will mine historical design data to evaluate best options for stated client requirements. The output options from the Intelligence Engine are displayed back to the Interactive Interface that allows modifications to the high-level design draft.


Sales team is able to interact and iterate with their clients real-time to understand laboratory infrastructure requirements.
Customer experience during the requirements and design phase is enhanced through intelligent nudges and rapid iterations.
Reduced high level draft design timelines – from several weeks down to being real-time.


Healthcare, Research, Laboratory Furniture

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