We lead with business orientation

While digitalization implies use of best in class technologies and sophisticated techniques; our fundamental approach starts with understanding and defining the right business problems. The choice of tool-set will get defined by the problem we are attempting to solve. We are vendor and platform agnostic.

We swear by design thinking

We use human-centered techniques to solve problems in creative and innovative ways. We’re empathetic, agile and believe in a holistic approach to the problem.

We focus on operationalization

We believe in partnerships and accountability. From capturing data to delivering insights for decision making, our focus is on making your business value proposition scalable and real.

We love tech

We try to keep pace with rapidly evolving tech. While it’s difficult, it’s not daunting.

We think long term

We can start with any offering and plug into your digitalization journey, but It will always map back to a long-term vision. We embed our digital strategists into your business to gain an intimate understanding of your business nuances and use frameworks to define your digitalization roadmap.

We worship data

We believe in the power of data in creating new business value, while keeping it scalable and real.

We have a global footprint

Our teams are diverse and global. This enables our clients to “follow the sun” in their engagement with us.

Acies is a design and development firm helping organizations transform their business and increase market value. Acies helps businesses cope and innovate in the digitalization era using a unified framework of technology, data, insights, design and strategy.