From Latin aciēs (“edge, sharpness”)
The full attention of one’s sight, hearing or other senses, as directed towards a particular object.
Digital transformation is more than just increasing sales, reducing costs or transaction times. Today it is important to think about digital transformation in the context of increasing customer value. To build an adaptive business that holds greater meaning for your customer, you need a unified framework for technology, data, insights, design and strategy.
This is Digital Business Design.

What we do

Digital blueprint for your business

Isolated digital programs rarely add up to the digital transformation of your enterprise. Legacy and shadow applications, diverse endpoints ranging from old laptops to mobiles and data workflows that cut across organizational, geographical and regulatory boundaries are typical bottlenecks

Using proprietary frameworks, we methodically review the operations of your business against best in class practices and identify opportunities for digitalization at the onset of a partnership or at periodic intervals. We then help create a digital transformation roadmap for your business that identifies opportunities for growth, strategies to increase operational efficiency and mitigate risks.

Systems thinking for your processes

Your business processes need to respond to dynamic business environments while staying competitive. This calls for systems thinking to optimizing your business processes

Using a combination of cutting edge technologies like AI, RPA and blockchain, we help you automate your processes, develop dashboards/cockpits with integrated alert systems and develop mobile apps to seamlessly integrate and enhance customer experience

Our systems view of your enterprise simplifies processes, eliminates waste, reduce costs and even uncovers latent competencies in your enterprise that can lead to growth.

Data analytics for better decisions

Leverage your enterprise data into actionable intelligence for your tactical as well as strategic business decisions. With deep experience in analytics and cutting-edge BI tools, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we help you examine your enterprise data to uncover trends and derive insights.

This can improve operations, build new assets, deliver better outcomes. With our expertise, we can turn your data into the driver of innovation and value creation inside your enterprise.

Intelligent applications to drive your business

Bring together processes, insights and interactions from all parts of your business to solve problems for both your internal and external customers. Deliver value to the larger ecosystem your business is embedded in.

Infuse the intelligence derived from the data into systems and applications that drive your business, for better outcomes. Our vast experience in building enterprise applications and our obsession with smooth integration of insights into your operational systems can help you quickly realize value from your digital investments”

What drives us

We lead with business orientation

While digitalisation implies use of best in class technologies and sophisticated techniques; our fundamental approach starts with understanding and defining the right business problems. The choice of tool-set will get defined by the problem we are attempting to solve. We are vendor and platform agnostic.

We swear by design thinking

We use human-centered techniques to solve problems in creative and innovative ways. We’re empathetic, agile and believe in a holistic approach to the problem.

We focus on operationalisation

We believe in partnerships and accountability. From capturing data to delivering insights for decision making, our focus is on making your business value proposition scalable and real.

We love tech

We try to keep pace with rapidly evolving tech. While it’s difficult, it’s not daunting.

We think long term

We can start with any offering and plug into your digitalisation journey, but It will always map back to a long-term vision. We embed our digital strategists into your business to gain an intimate understanding of your business nuances and use frameworks to define your digitalisation roadmap.

We worship data

We believe in the power of data in creating new business value, while keeping it scalable and real.

We have a global footprint

Our teams are diverse and global. This enables our clients to “follow the sun” in their engagement with us.

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